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I'm no good at talking about myself. I love music, tattoos, art, animals, my family, god, sleeping, my macbook, and much more shit I can't think of. what you see is what you get. I don't often follow back, unless I really like your blog. but if you want me to check out your blog, tell me nicely and I will. we could be the best of friends if you'd like? xx

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It’s hard to do homework when tumblr, tacos, and television is distracting. I hate college.

My God. I need to watch The Notebook! I haven’t seen it in the longest time.

I really want to try and find a lipstick shade that is red, but a dark matte red. I’m looking at MAC and all I can find is one called “Hang-Up.” It looks good and dark, but in the skin it looks not so dark. I just want a nice dark red.

I have opened three word windows and have not even attempted to do my homework. that was like two hours ago. last minute homework is my specialty. gonna try to stay away from tumblr, and my phone. and the tv… fuck. I really don’t want to do this boring homework. not wanting to try because the teacher gave me a ‘F’ last semester. but I need to bring my GPA up. okay, going to try to stay focus and do this shit.

Face off comes on in like 30 minutes. Literally can’t wait! I’ve been waiting for a new season since the third one ended.

I hate liking too many Starbucks drinks where I never know exactly what I want when I order. Sad life.

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6:01 and I want coffee. too cold to go outside, and too cold to get out of bed. BUT need starbucks. AND want a scone or a muffin. okay. I’m going. I’ve been awake for hours and I’m hungry!

I got Christmas presents, and now to shop for New Year presents. I have a little more money than I had for Christmas so I’ll spoil myself with something. :) Hope all you guys had a really good Christmas. Love you all. xx